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Value Bundle-Skin Glow Face Oil

Whether you’re combating acne, or just need a good face serum, this nourishing oil is rich in vitamins and antioxidants. It reduces wrinkles, improves your skin tone, helps protect the skin from UV rays, and gives your skin a youthful glow. It is fast absorbing with no grease.


Moisturizer-Many of the volatile acids in this oil is able to be absorbed by the skin quite easily, helping to trap moisture and keep your skin healthy and your cells functioning properly.

Antioxidants-The antioxidants in this oil are excellent for any form of oxidative stress or inflammation, meaning that it can help prevent free radical activity in the body, including slowing the onset of wrinkles on the face

Acne-With good levels of vitamin Cvitamin A, and antioxidants, this oil can help to clear up acne symptoms. Shea oil is non-comedogenic, can also help eliminate the blockage in the pores by improving the balance of moisture and oil on your skin.

 Ingredients 100% Ugandan Shea Oil | Avocado oil | Chocolate scent or Lime scent

100% Skin Food with 0% Chemicals, 0% Water & 0% Chemicals 

Every bottle is freshly handmade  in small batches & made in Canada

 Feed your skin with Sherabo skin food and glow naturally

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