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About Sherabo Organics


Sherabo Organics is a black woman founded and owned company that curates non toxic plant based nourishing skincare for individuals and families that need natural healthy daily moisturizers, suffer with dry skin as well as other problematic skin (eczema). Our therapeutic butters are formulated with nature's finest and most nutritious Fairtrade, USDA certified Nilotica shea butter that repairs, restores and revitalizes all skin types giving it healthy natural glow. It is safe on kid's delicate skin, seniors and everybody in between. Sherabo Organics' handcrafted products are freshly made in small batches in Surrey British Columbia Canada.

Sherabo Organics’ Nilotica Ugandan Shea is distinctively different from the commonly known West African Shea. Our butter is Nature’s rarest, superior variety  rich in Vitamins A, E and essential fatty acids and with a soft, creamy balm to oil texture that melts at skin temperature absorbing right away. They are not tested on animals.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide organic plant based toxic free therapeutic nilotica shea butter skincare that nourishes consumer’s who are seeking green beauty skincare solutions for dry skin.

Our Mandate is to preserve the beauty of every individual young and old by providing natural shea butter skin nourishment while supporting local communities of the Ugandan women that collect Shea nuts.

Our Core brand values
Authenticity, Truth and Product Value.
1. Authenticity: Our products are hand-crafted. Our simple formulations are inspired from a true story. Our Shea butter Jars are freshly made in small batches to ensure excellence. 
2. Ingredients Transparency: Sherabo Organics cares to be truthful with our formulations. Our label ingredient list is honest and descriptive in a way that is understood by our customers. 
3. Product value: Sherabo Organics brings together traditions, nature and research. Thanks to its texture and benefits, Sherabo products nourish all skin & hair with a calming effect.


Most skincare brands use alcohol, water and chemicals that dry or damage the skin quickly upon contactWe chose to source fair trade Ugandan Shea Butter as our main ingredient because of its superiority abundance of benefiting factors. As a super food, Nilotica Shea Butter has the power to nourish, hydrate & repair damaged skin. We guarantee you that every Sherabo Shea Jar and Shea oil is made with 100% Vegan ingredients. Our Shea skincare has 0% water, alcohol & chemicals.

About the Founder

Stress broke my skin.

In 2014 I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that was triggered by stress. My skin was covered with large painful lesions and when they healed the skin was scared and pigmented. I consulted with seven dermatologists who couldn’t give me any solutions other than prescribing hydrocortisone steroid creams to sooth the lesions. This was devastating to my self-esteem because my arms remained bare only in private settings in order to restore my complexion, the dermatologist prescribed a whitening cream for the scars on my skin. As much as I needed a solution for the scars, I was not about to apply chemicals to an already struggling skin.

I quickly realized I needed to take charge of this situation and opted for out of the box options. I started searching in stores and researching on internet and what products I could use to nourish my skin. Unfortunately, my search didn’t yield much as many products I found had complicated scientific named ingredients that I did not understand.  You too have probably asked yourself the same question. I simply needed a simple product that I could trust.

Growing up in Uganda, I was familiar with the rare soft beautiful (Nilotica) Ugandan shea butter that is not like the hard West African Shea. I researched how to use and formulate it. I made amazing products that my daughter and I started using for our skin and hair. But most importantly I now knew what ingredients I was feeding my skin and of what benefit they are to my skin.

3 years later I turned my craft into a business opportunity. I wanted to share the benefits of this miracle butter with people that are searching for natural organic skincare for themselves and their families.

Today my skin has healed and my natural pigment has been restored. The scaring has all faded. I am confident to wear whatever I want without the worry about scars. At Sherabo Organics “we believe whatever is not edible should not be put on our skins”. We formulate Vegan toxic free Shea butters and Oils with food ingredients that you and I know and eat. Our premium chemical free skin nourishment formulations are safe for a baby, a senior and everyone in between. Just like food, Skin nourishment is not just for the aging skin but all skin. If you are looking for vegan toxic free vegan skincare, checkout the amazing Sherabo reviews our happy customers have shared (https://www.sheraboorganics.com/pages/reviews).     
Sherabo Organics shea butter is an Experience! Try it today.

Olivia Mbabazi ~ Founder Sherabo Organics Inc.


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